Vision and Mission

Message from CEO

Our mission is to provide a full range of services that satisfy our clients' needs. We will achieve this by increasing production capacity and scope of service to reach our ultimate target. Furthermore, we place importance on building an optimal working environment and enhancing employee welfare. All of which are essential for our company's continuous and sustainable growth.

As such, our team adheres to seven key working principles, including prioritization of our clients' needs, leadership building, employee engagement, production integration and enhancement, data-driven decision-making, management of organizational relations, and emphasis on sustainability. Our vision, together with the seven working principles, serve as the foundation that will guide us towards becoming the leading steel processing and distribution company in Asia.

Message from CEO
  • Mr. Jon Lai
    (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Mr. Hank Hou
    (Chief Financial Officer)


1. Offer total solution to customer.
2. Achieve top efficiency in production and service.
3. Create ideal work environment and employee welfare.
4. Achieve growth through profitability.


To be the most efficient and profitable steel distribution center in Asia.

Quality policy

TSK STEEL Company is committed to the continuous improvement of product quality, on time delivery,and cost reduction for our valued customers.