About TSK
Company Name TSK Steel Company Limited
Registered Date 20 January 2005
Operation Start June 2006
Registered Capital 120 Million Baht
Managing Director Mr. Jon Lai
Factory Area 32,000 ㎡
Building Area 12,000 ㎡
Number of Employee 150 Persons

History of TSK STEEL

TSK STEEL is a steel supplier in Southeast Asia based in Thailand, specializing in the importation, processing, and distribution of flat steel products. We supply premium steel coils and sheets to the electrical appliance, automotive, and electronics industries supported by ongoing research and development collaborations with our technical partners from China Steel Corporation, Taiwan. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service and cost efficiency to our customers. We source, process, and distribute materials that adhere to industry standards, and our committed engineering and quality control teams maintain strict control over the production process, ensuring the delivery of high-performance products to our valued customers.

Our commitment is to anticipate and promptly meet our customers' needs with speed and efficiency.

About Us

Company History

Founded in 2005, TSK STEEL emerged as a prominent player in Southeast Asia, specializing in the importation, fabrication, and distribution of steel products. Today, TSK STEEL stands as a premier supplier to the Thai electrical appliance industry, a testament to our reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. Our client roster includes esteemed electrical appliance manufacturers, both domestic and international, reaffirming our position as a leading name in the industry.

Year 2005

The establishment of TSK Steel Co., LTD.

In 2005, TSK STEEL was officially registered, commencing operations in 2006. We specialize in sourcing top-quality steel materials from Taiwan and various other regions worldwide.

Year 2007

Expansion into the Home Appliances Industry.

TSK STEEL has been selected as a supplier of quality steel materials to a major electrical appliance manufacturer. This creates a solid foundation for the company as a reliable steel supplier both domestically and abroad and is trusted by major manufacturers in the electrical appliance industry in Thailand, leading to continuous growth. Presently TSK STEEL supplies steel materials to electrical appliance manufacturers all over the world.

Year 2013

Global Partnerships: Joint Venture with China Steel Global Trade.

Since 2551, TSK STEEL has been a trusted supplier of high-quality steel materials sourced from China Steel Corporation of Taiwan to leading manufacturers in the electrical appliance industry, both domestically in Thailand and internationally. Our commitment to customer service has allowed us to steadily expand our market presence, culminating in a significant milestone when we entered into a joint venture agreement with China Steel Corporation in 2013.

Year 2014

Expansion into the Automotive Industry.

TSK STEEL has dedicated itself to researching, developing, and implementing cutting-edge innovations in operations, earning the trust of leading manufacturers in the automotive industry. This commitment has positioned us as the primary steel supplier to prominent automotive manufacturers.

Year 2018

Factory Expansion

TSK Steel constructed a new warehouse and office building, increasing our warehousing capacity by 100% and preparing for the arrival of a new production line.

Year 2020

The Best runs SAP!

TSK Steel becomes the first steel processing center in Thailand to be fully run using SAP ERP. This complete integration enabled TSK STEEL to significantly improve operational efficiency and service quality.

Year 2021

Advanced Machinery

TSK STEEL commences production on the brand-new tension leveling rotary shear line with automation technology from Germany. The new shear line increases TSK STEEL's production capacity by 40% while achieving improved product flatness and industry-leading production precision.

Year 2022

Automotive Safety Equipment Production.

TSK STEEL officially enters the automotive safety part market by being chosen as the preferred steel supplier to a leading multinational automotive safety part maker. To achieve this, TSK STEEL worked extensively with the safety part maker and steel producer to custom develop high quality steel that meets the strict requirements in strength and functionality required by the final product.